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My name is Morgan Haney and I am 17 years old and have been actively training dogs for 5 years in and around the Charlotte area.  I have trained my own dogs, as well as those owned by my friends and friends of friends.  Over the years I have been able to help a lot of people with the little problems they have with their dogs, along with the big ones.  
I am now being taught to train by the of owners Goosecreek Kennels. Goose Creek is also getting me started in CONFORMATION which is the beauty pageant  for pure-bred dogs. I am also learning about AGILITY at Goosecreek Kennels.  While I was there, I worked with many different breeds
I work for the people at LABPUPS.com where I train basic obedience.     AND now I have adopted an English Springer Spaniel named King Topher Grace, called Topher.  I have just started training FLYBALL and joined the first Charlotte Flyball team; the Carolina Panters.  It is a new team in Charlotte but after the first practice we know that there is hope for us.  
I have always been interested in dogs but recently I got really into training dogs for other people.  I use the praise method in which I use a tool called a clicker.   I used my recently deceased Cocker mix as my guinea pig and learned a lot from her.  I trained her to do a multiple amount of things. Some of her favoriete tricks were getting me a snack out of the cabinet(knowing she would get some of the treat), walking as though she was lame in one foot to get sympathy, and saying her prayers. She was CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI (Therapy Dog)certified and went to many of interviews for TV commercials.  JP was also able to do a total of over 45 tricks and it was clear she remembered  more of them than I did. I believe that she got me to where I am now.  
To read more about hTopher, and keep up with all of his acomplishments and to see some training tips on what all we are working on please follow the link to MY DOGS.


Bailey the Jack Russell Terrier


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